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Customer Photo Page

Here are some of the photos that our customers have sent or brought in to show us.


Long time customers Joe & Eleanor have documented every possible color of squirrel in the backyard in Hamden including even a full white squirrel!

White Squirrel

Black Squirrel

Red Squirrel



Mike Horn got this pic of a Brown Thrasher while down in Assateague NWR earlier this month.

© Mike Horn 2010

Kimberly & Corey from Florida sent us a picture of the feeder that they got from The Fat Robin mobbed with parrots. They even have up to 100 of these guys in their yard at a time!


Pat and Mike Horn had a great trip to Alaska this summer.
Here are a couple of their "Wallhangers" they came home with!

Pat took this great image on Tues 8/5/08 at Gull Island across from Homer Spit in Kechemak Bay.

It shows Black-legged Kittiwakes with their chicks plus Common Murres.
This is a major nesting site for several species.

©Mike Horn 2008
Here's a Humpback Whale tail in the Mist that Mike captured so beautifully.

©Mike Horn 2008

©Pat Horn 2008

©Mike Horn 2008
Another image from Mike here of this young Night Heron


©Pat Horn

Well, Mike is not the only bird photographer in the family!  Here's one of the eagles that are nesting in the Q Marsh this year that Pat Horn shot recently.  It's just wonderful to have them nesting in our area once again after so many years!

Here's a couple of new ones from Mike too!

Red-bellied Woodpecker                                                    ©Mike Horn

Male Flicker                                            ©Mike Horn

©Mike Horn

I took this July 17, 2006 in Monterey Bay using the Swarovski 80mm spotting scope and digital adapter and my Canon Digital Rebel XT. This is a Harbor Seal snoozing blissfully in the California sun. Enjoy, Mike Horn

©Pete Vitali

Pete brought in this shot of the Calliope Hummingbird that showed up at Lighthouse Pt in New Haven on Dec 2. It is the firdst for CT
Pete took this useing the Swarovski 65mm spotting scope with the DCB-A adapter and a Nikon Coolpix P1

©Mike Horn 2006

Mike brought us this great shot of a Great Horned Owl on an Osprey platform.
It sure makes a great first post to this page!
Mike made this image using the Swarovski 80mm spotting scope and digital adapter



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