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Bird Houses

Bird Houses are designed for birds that normally use natural cavities or create their own in trees for nesting and to raise their young. The most common birds to use houses are bluebirds, swallows, chickadees, tufted titmice, nuthatches, wrens and house sparrows.

The size of the opening can somewhat determine what kind of bird you attract. For instance, a 1" hole will allow only a wren while a 1.5" hole will allow any bird the size of a bluebird or smaller to use it. (The 1.5" hole will deter European Starlings from using the box)

Houses can be attached to trees, fenceposts, poles or hung from branches.

The best time to put up a house is today! Birds actually often choose the house they will use long before nesting season so it's best to put them up and leave them up. It is also a good idea to clean out the house after the young birds have left the nest. If the birds are going to nest again they will build a new nest in no time and it will be much cleaner and healthier to have the new one. Not only that but nest building is part of their bonding and not a chore!

With our clearing of land and cutting down dead and dying trees, putting up a house for the birds around our backyards is something they will greatly appreciate and we have the bonus of watching them go about their daily activities raising a family!


Hanging Wren Bird House

Wrens are one of the few birds along with chickadees that will use hanging houses. This one is a classic house wren bird house with a 1 inch opening constructed of cedar and screwed together (not nailed or stapled) for a long life.


Wren Bird House

Here is a wren bird house that can be attached to a tree, post or side of a building that the wrens will love. Easy cleanout door too! Again, cedar construction and all screwed together.


Chickadee House

This bird house will provide the perfect home for either house wrens or chickadees! All cedar construction screwed together and an easy cleanout door for many years of use!


Bluebird House

We have had this bird house redesigned to allow the door to be hinged at the bottom so that it tilts out for easy viewing of the contents. It also has a large roof for keeping out the rain as well as a predator guard around the opening. All cedar constructed bird house screwed together and an easy cleanout door for many years of use!




Bluebird Slot Box Style Bird house

This is a bluebird Slot Style Bird House. Bluebirds have some enemies that block the nest hole and attack the female while she is on the nest. With a slot opening she has an escape route! Slot type bird houses are also less desirable to house sparrows which are one of the reasons for the demise of the bluebird!



8 Room Estate Birdhouse

Based on the style of English dovecotes, this handcrafted birdhouse, locally made in Massachusetts, is the perfect focal point for any backyard setup. The cedar roof will weather to a silver-gray over the years and the white enamel finish will withstand all weather conditions. The design allows for ventilation, drainage, and removal of old nesting material.

The Estate Birdhouse is 28" high, 15" diamater and features 8 separate entry holes to individual nest areas.


Call to order!


Heartwood Bird Houses

Heartwood Ivy Bird House

Heartwood has done it again! This charming house features a round-spun copper roof, topped with a wooden finial. The round wooden body is hand oiled mahogany. The hand-made copper perch is styled like a climbing ivy vine. Roof removes for easy cleanout. Mounting bracket and screws included.





Woodlink Roost Box

Roost boxes provide protection for smaller songbirds from predators, cold, snow and harsh winds.  The 1.5" hole at the bottom of the front panel keeps the warmth inside and predators out.  The shelter has perches attached to the inside walls, allowing several small birds to roost together.  The front panel opens for easy cleaning and the floor has drain holes to help keep the inside dry.




Roosting Pockets

These attractive roosting/nest pockets can be used by wild birds in autumn, winter and spring. The birds can save energy during the colder months by roosting in a sheltered place. These pockets also provide a warm nesting place in the spring for smaller birds such as wrens.

Made from natural materials. The pockets have a wire at the back to fix onto a branch, or they can be stapled or nailed to a fence or trellis with plant cover.

Roost Pocket

Styles and shape may vary with roost pockets, please call or email if you'd like a specific description.





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